Saturday, October 18, 2008


Alright yall, It's been a while since i have put anything up here. I really haven't been up to all that much. School is a killer, i decided to kill myself with tough classes this year but i'm doing much better than i expected! Most weekends we end up climbing and rappelling. It's a blast. I haven't seen much of the family in a while. Ross comes home in two months and a week so I am stoked! I hope to see anyone who reads this soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movie time

So this is a little video I made of some of my friends and I climbing, bouldering, slacklining, and rappelling. ENJOY

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer time

So summer is awesome. No school! but a ton of work. I work two jobs and in most of the rest of my free time I am either climbing, playing ultimate, at cross country (6:00 a.m.) or with the missionaries. It's awesome but tiring. I'm still not an expert on how to use these things but i'm getting it well enough. Summer just contains too many things for me to look forward to as well. I am going to a family reunion in Utah in just a couple of days. Then right after i get back i have youth conference which will be awesome, There are going to be three stakes there, one from Mizzou, Paducah Kentucky, and mine. I am really looking forward to that and to mix things up in my life a little bit. Right after that is EFY which i am most excited for. EFY is the most awesome experience that i think everybody should go through. Well I am about out of things to rant about so adios!
PS. I had a pretty cool, half missionary experience the other day. I was going climbing with some non-member friends so i thought why not put a John Bytheway CD in, Our ward mission leader always tells us to use buzzwords like ward, stake, EFY, any words that will get us talking about the church and Bytheway uses a ton of those so i had to stop and explain about every minute but they really laughed and i think it was good for them!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Climbing in Indiana

so there aren't too many good places to go climbing in Indiana. Definitely no lead climbing already set up. Some of the places where there are cliffs, they are too tall to do top climbing, or too short to do that much of a climb. I have been able to find some cliffs around here that are pretty good though so i go when i can. Right now my project is getting some climbing shoes and maybe a chalk bag. The climbs here are difficult so it is still fun but not very tall. Here are some pictures...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farewell Kip...

So this will be a short, mournful blog. but last Wednesday night kip had a stroke that blinded him completely. We had to put him in the kennel for the weekend when we went to Wisconsin, but when we came back there were no improvements. We just couldn't stand to see kip suffering and running into everything so we had to put him to sleep. sad sad day for the family.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


so most people don't know what slacklining is. When they here it said it usually calls for a couple of repeats then they think they have the name down and say slaggleaning, i guess it counts... Its kind of like tight-rope walking but it is on a climbing webbing and it gives more and bounces more. It took a while for me to get any good at it but i am learning some tricks now so it is exciting for me. Unfortunately... it is about the closest thing that i can get to climbing here in Jasper IN. Next time I go to hemlock cliffs, we are going to try to do it 100 feet up! dont tell my mom... she'd flip.


So this if new to me... I figured i probably better try a blog because more of my family and friends are picking up on it and its about time i joined the club. School is almost out. 1 1/2 more finals than summer! I am pumped. So there really isn't much going on here but i am extremely pumped for July. First in July i have a family reunion in Utah which is pretty much awesome. Then i go to youth conference the day after i get back then the very next week is EFY!!!!!! Well i guess that is really all that i have to say. I'll learn how to use this more and it will be better...